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Breeder (The Breeder Cycle Book 1) - K.B. Hoyle

17416257 Johanna Panko's review Dec 11, 14

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2014 seems to be the year of the Dystopian novel. I enjoyed this tale of yet another society wiped out only to be replaced by perfection. Diversity is what makes us human.

This first part was splendid, as we meet number Seventeen. No real description because they're not allowed to look at themselves other than the fact the breeders have there heads shaved. Seventeen had a failed pregnancy, which may have started her melancholy moods.... A.k.a depression. There is a lot of stuff thrown at us in this first book, but I wonder how much is true and how much is being fed to us. Pax is the boy who led Seventeen from the breeder program. He is the enigma here because we can't see from what or whence he came. I'm not a big fan of dystopian but this one did a fairly decent job of sucking me in. I would definitely read part two. Overall entertainment is four and a half stars.