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Starry Night: A Christmas Novel - Debbie Macomber
Thanks librarything for an advanced readers copy, in exchange for a review. This is a cute little story, considered light fluffy romance. No sex, nudity, awkward situations, basically a boring romance. The story is about a editor for the society page wanting a real job as a reporter. Her boss offers her a condition, get a interview with Finn Dalton, an author on the top ten best selling list, and she can cover any topic she chooses. So Carrie does some digging and finds Finn. After a few days of his company and her beating him at cribbage they develop a tender for each other. She leaves and he asks her not to write the piece. She has developed feelings for him and agrees. Then after awhile they can't stay away from each other so they start communicating again. The book was okay but it was hard to discern the actual attraction.