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Deadly Beginnings by Jaycee Clark

Book was exceptional and riveting. The story starts out with an engrossing look at a man ending a woman's life. Obviously she wasn't perfect enough for him, and apparently that's important to the killer. Next up we're at a charity gala, and there's a doctor with a beautiful red headed woman. The red head catches the eye of millionaire Jock Kinncaid, and he asks her for a dance. Jock's pretty smart to realize all is not what it seems with the couple and he can't put her from his mind. Months follow and a chance meeting again develops into something more. The evil doctor though has other plans. Great book, I'm always happy with what Jaycee puts out, but a few things pulled it from a stellar rating. The ending was really chopped up, I felt that it really pulled from the book. I think we should have got instant gratification and I wasn't really sold on that guy owing him one for saving his son. It wasn't quite clear. Thanks netgalley for a great read in exchange for my opinion.(less)
Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20645300-deadly-beginnings