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There can be no light without darkness.....

Not as good as I thought it would be!

Fierce - Clarissa Wild

Let's start by saying hello to that cover! Definitely going on hot cover list. So I started this book and the names started popping out at me....Autumn... Hunter. (Symbolism for names...)So Autumn is starting her freshman year at college and she' s truly an awkward girl. Definitely the bookish type and apparently afraid of life. She comes from a poor family and she understands that she is here to get an education. Boy what an education she gets! She has a best friend for a roommate who is also a lesbian, and strangely in love with her, named Evie. Evie is a book worm and nerd too, neither likes to party. Life settles in and Autumn is introduced in a nerdy way to Hunter. (I won't spoil the surprise)Hunter appears to me a weak version of an alpha male. There are scenes that he is crying, and looks like he has been beaten severely. Autumn bandages him more than once. At this point I'm really sick of the whining in this story, my eyes hurt from the eye rolls this book produces. In the end this book seems like a weak version of beautiful disaster, and Hunter is a weak version of Travis Maddox. The ending saved it a little bit and it ended okay. Thanks netgalley and librarything for a read in exchange for a HONEST review.(less)