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There can be no light without darkness.....

Chilling book!

Rough Edges - V.J. Chambers

This story is chilling. Like hair raising on the back of your neck....chilling. This is not a usual genre for me, but let it be said that I do read everything... The storyline was chilling. The first chapter was awkward, in fact it made me so unsettled I almost didn't continue. The story starts with Samson, an author who writes non fiction stories about women who saved themselves from a horrible situations. His current wife Daphne, has left him because he cheated on her and she stops by to pick up the last of her boxes. He gets an email from a woman named Lola, another victim of a horrible situation and she wants him to write her story. Lola is anything but an example of a victim, and Samson sets out to figure out the puzzle of her situation. This book was amazingly well written. I couldn't even begin to do this book justice with a synopsis. It's one of those books, where you think you know what's going on, and then your smacked upside the head with what really happened. Character development was crazy good. Everyone turned out to be not what they seem. Even Samson. The storyline was great, and the ending a surprise. Overall entertainment value exceeded my expectations because even though I was unsettled, I finished the book and I'm glad I did.