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It's definitely wine and chocolate o'clock!

Ready To Burn (Due South Book 3) - Tracey Alvarez

Thanks to the author for a free copy of this wonderful book to read and review.

"It's definitely wine and chocolate o'clock". Yes it's definitely time for a new release from Tracey Alvarez, and another chapter in the Stewart Island saga. This book made me laugh, made me cry, and made me crazy....but a good kind of crazy. In this novel, West's brother Del returns to the mainland to help out in the restaurant, and be head chef. Del hadn't been back in thirteen years due to some animosity towards his father and due to circumstances he is scraping the proverbial bottom with no other job offers. So in order to regroup he heads home and in time for West's wedding. Once there he clashes with Shaye, and sparks fly the rest of the book. The book has cute humor, and all around romantic fun. I enjoyed it immensely, and would recommend it to anyone loving romance. Overall entertainment is five stars. Can't go wrong here. Your best bet would be to read all of them in order to identify with the characters but it's not necessary.