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There can be no light without darkness.....

What's next for the Golden Son?

Thanks Random House Publishing Group-Del Ray Spectra for a free copy to read and review.

Fantastic Book! The second part is equally riveting as the first, and the battle scenes are incredible.

Only the strong survive. Only the brilliant rule.

Darrow has no equal, but then again he is surrounded by Golds. No one seems to have his level of dedication despite the loss everyone seems to suffer. It's horrible what these people have had to face when everyone seems to be out for themselves.

“Hic sunt leones,”

One of the most vicious predators is the lion, aptly named for the house of our golden son. Not to mention he has the heart of one.

Omnis vir lupus. Everyone a wolf. This quote really is lovely, but I really think Darrow is more bring your friends close and your enemies closer.

"That’s how I know it’s right, Reap. Despite all this shit. It feels good in here.” He taps his thin chest. “It feels … how do you say … bloodydamn good.”

I'm amazed at all Darrow has done,....and fought through but it still seems like his Gold friends don't really see him. His only true friends are the people he frees from slavery or comes from where he came.

"But how will we shout into the wind? How will we be remembered?”
How will Darrow get through now? I'm just mesmerized at the world building, and the last few pages of this book. I want the Reds to rise, and I want the Golds to recognize. For once I want everyone to give Darrow what he wants. Five amazing stars! Hello 2015.