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There can be no light without darkness.....

Robin Covington

 DARING THE PLAYER by Robin Covington

“I want to fuck you.”
It was direct and probably a little crude but he didn’t want any mixed signals especially since they’d hit it off tonight. One great dinner and some dancing did not lead to roses and joint bank account.
But holy hell, he wanted inside her. Needed to know what she’d feel like wrapped around him. He just knew she’d be responsive and vocal and that fucking flipped every single switch he had to on.
What he didn’t expect is what she did next.
“Now,” she said against his own ear and grabbed his hands, leading him through the crowd and past he group of hangers on that had been glaring at them all night. Lola ignored them, only pausing long enough to allow the security guard at the entrance to the VIP lounge to remove the velvet rope and let them pass. She walked towards the back of the seating area, past the bar and into the secluded area where the private bathroom was located. Lola opened the door and pulled him inside. He locked it behind them.
The second the lock clicked they were all about locked lips and the quick removal of the necessary clothing. Rep dove deep into her mouth with his tongue, savoring the taste of Lola and her desire, a sharp, smoky flavor. She moaned and he broke off the kiss, his own groan erupting out of his chest when her hands went to his belt and the button on his pants.
Her fingers were warm around his dick, slick with the damp from their dancing and her arousal and he fucked into them, enjoying the slide and the friction.
“Oh yes. You’re big’” she said, stroking him from tip to root. “I want that inside me.”
Rep looked around the restroom. It was nice, lush even, but the sink was one of those artistic ones that would never hold up under anyone’s weight much less anyone getting fucked as hard as he was going to take Lola.
He spun her around, gently moving her towards the wall until she pressed her palms flat against the wall, automatically spreading her legs wider.
“Good girl,” he breathed against her hair as he shoved his pants and boxer briefs down to mid thigh. He reached over to the small basket on the side of the sink and removed the condom he knew he’d find there. “God, I love VIP lounges.”
“Come on Grissom.” She pressed back against him, tossing her hair back over her shoulder as she watched him roll the condom over his length. “You reading the fine print on that thing or what?”
“For that comment, I’m going to make you wait.” Lola started to protest but she shut her up when his fingers slid under the flimsy material of her underwear and took a slow glide over her wet folds.
“Oh¼” Lola’s words slid into moans and he knew he’d been right. She was vocal, loud and leaving no doubt that he was making her feel good. Her palm slapped the wall when he inserted two fingers, angling his hand so that his thumb grazed her clit with every pump in and out of her body.
“God, don’t tease,” she begged and he loved how she was unashamed to ask for what she wanted. “Rep, please.”
He wanted to keep up his delay but honestly he was the only person being tortured in his room and he was getting harder every time her tight little body grabbed onto his fingers. He was done with waiting out the storm. He was ready to jump in.