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There can be no light without darkness.....

Loved it!

Unforgettable You (Me, You, and Us Book 2) - Deanndra Hall

I received a free copy to read and review for Wicked Reads.

I'm thrilled every time I open a book from this author because to date she has failed to disappoint me. I feel sucked into the plot as if I'm watching it unfold with my own eyes.....yes.... It's that good. The characters have such intense and great chemistry that I'm agonized over any drama they have to go through. With this book Steffen has heart break over losing Trish to Clint, you can just imagine how hard it is to find a good submissive. Then Sheila comes along and ramps it up by wanting to play. This is book two in the series, and you should read the first to get the best entertainment value out of the series. Overall entertainment for me was five star! Loved it.