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There can be no light without darkness.....


Dry book and a little depressing.

Wild Child - Molly O'Keefe
** spoiler alert ** Thanks librarything for a paper copy, in exchange for my honest opinion. The book was ok in the romance department but the punch line was just off center for my tastes. Monica plays a woman with a reputation for playing hot and loose with some bad boys and writes a tell all book. In my opinion though she really is a grown woman who didn't have a true stable home in growing up and acted out in her teenage years. Trading sex for love and finding life empty. Her mother is a tv show host and had been the person to kill Monica's father in a self defense shooting. So after Monica's only friend dies of ovarian cancer and leaves a stack of medical bills for her to pay. She goes to the town where her father was killed to do a tell all book. Bishop, Arkansas is the town that's slowly going under. The only plant in town shut down and no new jobs are opening up. The town mayor is Jackson Davies, and he has a sad tale of his own. His parents died after his first year in law school and he's had to come home and take care of his eleven year old sister. The town is dying and Jackson enters a contest for a new factory to bring some work in. The book was good but it was just a bit on the boring side for me. I felt depressed that nothing was going great even though the town had great spirit. It wasn't until the last pages that we got any hope of saving anything. The chemistry between Monica And Jackson was all right and probably a good indication that they were rusty when it came to relationships.


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