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Not a stand alone read (ARC from goodreads)

Hollow City - Ransom Riggs
Two things I learned right away about this book, One the book is beautiful, the photos and overall book was one of the nicest books I have ever received as a advanced reader copy. Two, this is not a stand alone book, and having never read book one, I haven't a chance in hell of understanding it. I love stand alone books, and I find it awkward when the author doesn't reiterate what is already going on and how we got here. It reduces the book in my eyes, and I realized going in that this could be the case. The children were peculiar, so I was guessing they have a talent of some sort. One girl has heat, one has bees, and they are on the run from someone. Mrs Peregrine is trapped in a bird like body, and they spend most of the first part running from someone. I put down the book, I'm not really pulled in at this point but to be fair I think I will have to read the first. So I'm waiting on a copy from the local library. So right now this is a dnf.