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There can be no light without darkness.....

Lovely cover

Hellhound - Rue Volley
I love that cover! Definitely going on my great cover list. Wow. The storyline however fell short for me. It felt completely two dimensional, and I could not lose myself into this story. The story stayed within the genre but I felt completely uninterested. The characters were not developed much, and besides a history review of Ceasar (which felt like it had been copied directly from a textbook), you learned very little about the characters. The story is about a girl named Halo Bay, who died after killing the man (her live in boyfriend)who stabbed her. She get's sent to hell for murder, and redeems herself by becoming hellhound. At this point she spends some time with Lucifer who instead of scary, seems creepy. She starts to fall for Gunner, the hellhound that brought her to hell, and the sex scenes are pretty bland. The storyline flow is good but without the character building it feels flat. I didn't really have a problem with grammar or editing, although I did see some, but not enough for it to bother me. Overall entertainment value, two stars, I wasn't impressed.