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There can be no light without darkness.....

Rule Breaker comes March 3

Rule Breaker (Break on Through) - Harper Kincaid

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Nicely done contemporary romance. I loved this idea and that sweet ass cover

was F-I-N-E.....fine. Lauren's mother gave her a list of rules to get a man that would have done Cosmo proud. For Lauren though, the rules were futile when she met Jackson. His hot tattoos, and alpha persona melted her resistance and kept me from boredom. The angst wasn't over the top, and the book even made me laugh. Overall entertainment is four stars.

Books like Phantom of the opera!

Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran - Marion Grace Woolley

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Uniquely told story. A lot like the phantom of the opera, but with a much more devilish approach. Afsar the Shahs eldest child becomes involved with a circus performer named Eirik whose face was disfigured. They become friends and then mutual killers. Eirik becomes her father assassin, and the story becomes deeply dark. Very nice world building, and characters were intensely interesting. However I thought the ending was rather abrupt, and it could have been a bit more fleshed. Overall entertainment is four stars.

Loved it!

Unforgettable You (Me, You, and Us Book 2) - Deanndra Hall

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I'm thrilled every time I open a book from this author because to date she has failed to disappoint me. I feel sucked into the plot as if I'm watching it unfold with my own eyes.....yes.... It's that good. The characters have such intense and great chemistry that I'm agonized over any drama they have to go through. With this book Steffen has heart break over losing Trish to Clint, you can just imagine how hard it is to find a good submissive. Then Sheila comes along and ramps it up by wanting to play. This is book two in the series, and you should read the first to get the best entertainment value out of the series. Overall entertainment for me was five star! Loved it. 


:::BOOK INFO::::
Title: Desolate (Empathy, Book #2)
Author: Ker Dukey
Genre: Dark Erotica
Cover Designer: Ker Dukey
Photography Credit: Unbound By Words Photography
Model Credit: Dax McClannahan
Release Date: February 2nd 2015

I was a son,
A friend,
A brother,
A psychopath.
Eighteen years of being in a psyche ward; I was released into the world. Things have changed, Blake is married to Melody and is a father to my new fixation, Cereus. My beautiful niece who knows nothing of my existence. When consequences of past sins begin playing tricks on me, old cravings demand to be satisfied.
There is no cure for my kind of sickness.
I am void of everything but obsession.
I can’t love,
I can’t feel,
I am Desolate.

I have always had a passion for storytelling, whether it be through lyrics or bed time stories with my sisters. I wanted to be an actress growing up so I could live many roles but I learned early on that my mind was too active... I would want to change the script.I would watch films and think of ways they could of improved the story if they took another direction so i thought it best that i tell my own.
My mum would always have a book in her hand when I was young and passed on her love for reading, inspiring me to venture into writing my own. I tend to have a darker edge to my writing. Not all love stories are made from light, some are created in darkness but are just as powerful and worth telling.
When I'm not lost in the world of characters I love spending time with my family. I'm a mum and that comes first in my life but when I do get down time I love attending music concerts or reading events with my younger sister.
You can find me on Facebook where i love interacting with my readers.

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Website: http://kerdukey.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KerDukeyauthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/https://twitter.com/KerDukeyauthor
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Robin Covington

 DARING THE PLAYER by Robin Covington

“I want to fuck you.”
It was direct and probably a little crude but he didn’t want any mixed signals especially since they’d hit it off tonight. One great dinner and some dancing did not lead to roses and joint bank account.
But holy hell, he wanted inside her. Needed to know what she’d feel like wrapped around him. He just knew she’d be responsive and vocal and that fucking flipped every single switch he had to on.
What he didn’t expect is what she did next.
“Now,” she said against his own ear and grabbed his hands, leading him through the crowd and past he group of hangers on that had been glaring at them all night. Lola ignored them, only pausing long enough to allow the security guard at the entrance to the VIP lounge to remove the velvet rope and let them pass. She walked towards the back of the seating area, past the bar and into the secluded area where the private bathroom was located. Lola opened the door and pulled him inside. He locked it behind them.
The second the lock clicked they were all about locked lips and the quick removal of the necessary clothing. Rep dove deep into her mouth with his tongue, savoring the taste of Lola and her desire, a sharp, smoky flavor. She moaned and he broke off the kiss, his own groan erupting out of his chest when her hands went to his belt and the button on his pants.
Her fingers were warm around his dick, slick with the damp from their dancing and her arousal and he fucked into them, enjoying the slide and the friction.
“Oh yes. You’re big’” she said, stroking him from tip to root. “I want that inside me.”
Rep looked around the restroom. It was nice, lush even, but the sink was one of those artistic ones that would never hold up under anyone’s weight much less anyone getting fucked as hard as he was going to take Lola.
He spun her around, gently moving her towards the wall until she pressed her palms flat against the wall, automatically spreading her legs wider.
“Good girl,” he breathed against her hair as he shoved his pants and boxer briefs down to mid thigh. He reached over to the small basket on the side of the sink and removed the condom he knew he’d find there. “God, I love VIP lounges.”
“Come on Grissom.” She pressed back against him, tossing her hair back over her shoulder as she watched him roll the condom over his length. “You reading the fine print on that thing or what?”
“For that comment, I’m going to make you wait.” Lola started to protest but she shut her up when his fingers slid under the flimsy material of her underwear and took a slow glide over her wet folds.
“Oh¼” Lola’s words slid into moans and he knew he’d been right. She was vocal, loud and leaving no doubt that he was making her feel good. Her palm slapped the wall when he inserted two fingers, angling his hand so that his thumb grazed her clit with every pump in and out of her body.
“God, don’t tease,” she begged and he loved how she was unashamed to ask for what she wanted. “Rep, please.”
He wanted to keep up his delay but honestly he was the only person being tortured in his room and he was getting harder every time her tight little body grabbed onto his fingers. He was done with waiting out the storm. He was ready to jump in.

Sexy new novella, released yesterday!

Dare To Love Series: Daring the Player (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Robin Covington


Tagline: She’s nothing but trouble¼and he can’t resist.

Raised by a pro football legend, Miami Thunder wide receiver Rep Grissom has a career most would envy. A toxic marriage with a party girl almost put him on the sidelines, but now he keeps his head down and makes the moves on the field that leave younger players in his dust. Now all he has to do is maintain the status quo and he’s guaranteed a lucrative new contract at an age when most guys are retiring.

Lola Corbin is used to leaving all the big boys in her rearview mirror. The lead singer in the worlds biggest rock band she fills up arenas and closes down the clubs but with the group on the brink of breaking apart her future is uncertain. Years spent on the road has left her with nothing at home except platinum records on the walls, an empty fridge and a cold bed. For the first time, she’s looking for something and someone beyond the spotlight.

When Lola’s first night in her condo ends with Rep breaking up a fight he realizes that temptation has moved in next door. Lola doesn’t usually go for the strong and serious types, but the more she sees of her neighbor, the more she wants. When a thank you dinner turns into dancing and a hot tryst in the back of the club their attraction cannot be denied. But when Lola-induced trouble results in a front-page-career-ending spectacle the player must decide if he’s going to be as daring with his heart as he is on the field.

Fun extras and more: Daring the Player Book Page

Stealing Rose Releases March 3rd

Stealing Rose - Monica  Murphy

People say the youngest child has it easy, but nothing can be further from the truth. Unlike my two sisters, Violet and Lily, I’m never in the limelight. I just work my butt off for Fleur Cosmetics and get little to no thanks for it. I’ve been pushed too far one too many times, and I’m finally brave enough to do something about it.

Maybe my newfound courage has something to do with the amazing pink and white diamond necklace I wear to the party in Cannes. The instant those dazzling heirloom jewels touch my skin, they excite some deep, aching need inside. And when that guy—that totally gorgeous guy—locks eyes with me, I know this nice girl is going to be naughty.

For once it’s my turn. My turn to say no to my father, to outshine my sisters, to walk away from it all—straight into the arms of a mysterious stranger. But what if Caden is much more than I bargained for? Sure, he makes me feel sexy and free in a way I never have before, but there’s something else I can’t quite place—something dangerous. Maybe our “chance” meeting wasn’t so random. Maybe he was looking for me for a reason. Whatever his motive, there’s no going back now.

And maybe I don’t want to.

Advance praise for Stealing Rose

“Prepare to have your heart stolen! Rose and Caden's story crackles and sizzles right to the swoony end.”—New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans


Books like Phantom of the opera!

Those Rosy Hours at Mazandaran - Marion Grace Woolley

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Uniquely told story. A lot like the phantom of the opera, but with a much more devilish approach. Afsar the Shahs eldest child becomes involved with a circus performer named Eirik whose face was disfigured. They become friends and then mutual killers. Eirik becomes her father assassin, and the story becomes deeply dark. Very nice world building, and characters were intensely interesting. However I thought the ending was rather abrupt, and it could have been a bit more fleshed. Overall entertainment is four stars.

What's next for the Golden Son?

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Fantastic Book! The second part is equally riveting as the first, and the battle scenes are incredible.

Only the strong survive. Only the brilliant rule.

Darrow has no equal, but then again he is surrounded by Golds. No one seems to have his level of dedication despite the loss everyone seems to suffer. It's horrible what these people have had to face when everyone seems to be out for themselves.

“Hic sunt leones,”

One of the most vicious predators is the lion, aptly named for the house of our golden son. Not to mention he has the heart of one.

Omnis vir lupus. Everyone a wolf. This quote really is lovely, but I really think Darrow is more bring your friends close and your enemies closer.

"That’s how I know it’s right, Reap. Despite all this shit. It feels good in here.” He taps his thin chest. “It feels … how do you say … bloodydamn good.”

I'm amazed at all Darrow has done,....and fought through but it still seems like his Gold friends don't really see him. His only true friends are the people he frees from slavery or comes from where he came.

"But how will we shout into the wind? How will we be remembered?”
How will Darrow get through now? I'm just mesmerized at the world building, and the last few pages of this book. I want the Reds to rise, and I want the Golds to recognize. For once I want everyone to give Darrow what he wants. Five amazing stars! Hello 2015.

Dystopian loveliness

Breeder (The Breeder Cycle Book 1) - K.B. Hoyle

17416257 Johanna Panko's review Dec 11, 14

· edit 4 of 5 stars

Recommended to Johanna by: Myself/netgalley

Recommended for: Dystopian lovers

Read on December 11, 2014,

read count: 1


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2014 seems to be the year of the Dystopian novel. I enjoyed this tale of yet another society wiped out only to be replaced by perfection. Diversity is what makes us human.

This first part was splendid, as we meet number Seventeen. No real description because they're not allowed to look at themselves other than the fact the breeders have there heads shaved. Seventeen had a failed pregnancy, which may have started her melancholy moods.... A.k.a depression. There is a lot of stuff thrown at us in this first book, but I wonder how much is true and how much is being fed to us. Pax is the boy who led Seventeen from the breeder program. He is the enigma here because we can't see from what or whence he came. I'm not a big fan of dystopian but this one did a fairly decent job of sucking me in. I would definitely read part two. Overall entertainment is four and a half stars.


Golden Son - Pierce Brown

netgalley gave a copy for me to review.....coming soon!


Thanks netgalley for a free copy to read and review.


I have been in love with this series from the first book! This one had Mark's story, and he put all the missing pieces together. I feel like after reading this series I can finally move on. I don't want to spoil anything but my hopes for a finale did not live up to what I expected. I'm not really sure what I expected, and although I'm not disappointed I had expected more flourish in the end. The author did however really entertain me with this series, and I look forward to more great series from her. I will post a more full review after the book tour is done.

~Wicked Reads Review Team ~ 

Light my Fire By G.A. Aiken

Light My Fire - G.A. Aiken

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Let's be honest, it's been two years and a lot of books read since the last installment in this series. I had to pace myself because it took a bit to remember everyone but once the book started rolling I really enjoyed it. Not many authors will take on a cast of so many characters, and it really is hard to keep everyone on track. I'm sure every thing is rolling toward an epic battle, but I really wish the author would just do one story at a time, like the beginning books. However though I enjoyed some really great one liners, plus Celyn, and Elina's romance was very amusing.
I look forward to more books in this series, some of these characters were very amusing and I can't wait for them to get theirs.
Overall entertainment: five stars
Book type: dragons, paranormal
Best lively line: "No one wants to fight a crazy cunt, my love. No one."
Fav character: Annwyl the bloody

Rocky Mountain miracle

Rocky Mountain Miracle - Christine Feehan

Thanks netgalley for a free book to read and review. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this is the time of year that makes miracles more likely to happen. Cole and Jase had to live years without the beauty of Christmas because their father taught them that only bad things happen when they care. Abuse is never an easy thing to work through and hate is not easy to let go. When Maia is introduced to them something slowly started to melt around their hearts, and Christmas is a good time of year to make them whole again. Amazing story, I enjoyed it a lot. Overall entertainment is four stars.

All I want for christmas is you.

All I Want For Christmas Is You: A Coming Home Novella (Coming Home 5.5) - Jessica Scott


All Major Patrick MacLean wanted was Christmas with the woman and child who were his family in everything but name. But Captain Samantha Egan has come back from the war a different woman than the one who left - and she doesn't know if she can love him anymore.

But neither of them counted on the determination of a little girl they both call daughter and if Natalie has her wish, her parents may have no idea what's coming for them. It's going to take Christmas miracle to bring these two wounded warriors back from the edge of a broken heart.


It was not a gentle kiss. It was not tame or timid or questioning.

It burned her down to the root of Sam's soul. It touched something deep and dark and hidden.

Something she'd thought was long since dead and buried and gone.

Patrick’s tongue slid against hers, stroking to life the very sensations she thought she'd never feel again.

It was electric, the feel of his mouth against hers. The scrape of stubble against her chin, the taste of him. The smell of his skin.

He nipped her. Pinched her bottom lip between his teeth and sucked it. And she sighed at the pleasure, at the raw ache his taste and touch aroused in her, pushing aside the darkness that haunted her.

Sam felt him. Felt everything. The heat of his skin. The warmth that drew her closer. That made her want to crawl into his lap and unzip his pants and push up that damned flannel shirt until they were skin to skin and there was nothing between them but sweat and heat.

One hand slid down her side. Tugged at her fleece and...

"Dear lord how many layers of clothing do you have on under this thing," he muttered against her lips.

She smiled. "You weren't wondering why I wasn't cold?"

"Well you'd be a champ at strip poker right about now," he murmured.

Then his fingers found her skin and she was no longer thinking.

Free title Oct 31, and Nov 1 on Amazon by Cassandra Giovanni.....YA thriller

Walking in the Shadows
Genre: YA Romantic Thriller
Seconds seem like a lifetime when the life you lived is slowly drained out of you by those who care not what you felt, hoped, or dreamed. When the darkness comes it is all-consuming, there is no light and there is no pain. It is the never-ending loss of hope that now consumes me as I die in his arms.
This is Abigail Martin’s nightmare.
After her parents become the first victims of a serial killer obsessed with the vampire saga Crimson Reign, Abigail does the only thing that she thinks will save her from her parent’s fate–she becomes some one else. As Vera MacIntrye she falls in love with the very handsome Tad Knightley, and then walks into her first day at her new school to see him standing at the front of the classroom. He’s every teenage girl’s fantasy and he’s Vera’s gone completely wrong as he writes “Mr. Knightley: AP British Literature” across the white board. The one person who filled the gaping hole in her heart will soon rip it wide open again. Vera struggles to adjust to being a ‘normal’ teenager with very adult responsibilities like paying the rent, buying groceries and making sure that lights stay on, while being drawn time and time again back to her off-limits teacher. What’s worse is he is drawn to her too, and their world’s can’t stay apart when Tad finds Vera screaming in terror in the parking lot after the winter formal. The murderer has struck again and is getting closer to its next target–Vera. Tad will do whatever he can to save her, even if it means losing his dream job, but will it be enough when the murderer is closer than anyone ever thought

Source: http://www.cgiovanniauthor.com